Coffee x Skincare: Benefits of including coffee in your regime

Some unlikely ingredients hiding in our kitchen can be a great add on to your skincare regime including our favorite, coffee! Recently, coffee has become a trending ingredient in many skincare formulas including eye cream, face masks, body scrub, and more. But what is it about coffee that drives results? Caffeine. The good news is, if you don't have a tolerance for caffeine or simply don't want to include it, even decaffeinated coffee can be used as an exfoliant. Below we explore some of the benefits of using coffee topically including the key benefits of our Hand-Made Organic Body Scrub.

-Exfoliates skin to remove dead skin calls and reveal smooth, supple skin

-Increases circulation by encouraging blood flow which is derived from exfoliation as well as

caffeine content

-Temporarily relieves cellulite

-In creams or masks, the caffeine content can help brighten the skin, reduce inflammation, and alleviate the appearance of dark circles via increased blood flow and circulation

Within our scrub, we hand picked the best ingredients to compliment our coffee grinds including Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and geranium essential oil. Each one of these ingredients, derived from nature, have their own special benefits. For example, coconut oil and jojoba oil help moisturize the skin while geranium fills our nose with beautiful aroma and helps to stabilize hormones. With the combination of healthy ingredients that produce multiple benefits, our scrub is an easy and obvious add to any skincare regime.

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